Hollywood premiere of SinCity

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I was walking down Union street in San Francisco on a Thursday afternoon, when I got a phone call to do actress Devon Aoki’s makeup for the Hollywood premiere of Quentin Tarantino’s new film, Sin City. The film starred Bruce Willis, Benicio Del Torro, Jessica Alba, Elijia Wood, and Rosario Dawson.  The premiere was to be held at the legendary Grauman’s Chinese Theater and the call time for makeup was 2pm on Sunday afternoon, at Devon’s house.  I love my job!


I flew back to Seattle on Saturday afternoon, watered my plants, organized my makeup kit, and decided to sew a jacket for Devon. When I did her makeup for the DEBS premiere, she fell in love with the jacket that I was wearing (which was part of my clothing line, Yoshimi). It took me all night to make a custom jacket, but it was rad and I couldn’t wait to give it to her!  At 4am, I took a 30 minute nap in my cozy apartment, and at 5am headed back to the airport to catch my flight to Los Angeles. The adventure begins.


Going through airport security was a nightmare.  Already late, they made me go back and check my makeup kit.  I was so flustered and sleep deprived that I left the directions, contact phone numbers, etc, all in the kit, along with my phone charger.  I slept a few hours on the flight, and arrived into Burbank around 9 in the morning. I waited until all the bags came out on the carousel, and mine wasn’t there.  I kept my fingers crossed that the bags would come in on the next flight, and went to pick up a rental car. 

In the meantime, my phone battery was dying and I realized that I was going to have to go buy a charger.  The time to be at Devon’s was quickly approaching, what if my baggage ended up in another city? What if I couldn’t find her house?  Ahh!  I couldn’t be without a phone.  It should have been an easy thing, but it turned out that my nokia phone was obsolete, and I had to go to six different stores, in LA traffic, before I finally found one.  


 Thank god, when I returned to the airport at 12:30pm, my bags had arrived. I found the directions, navigated my way to Devon’s house in the Hollywood hills, and arrived on time!! YAY!!  I gave Devon a hug, and gave her the jacket which fit her perfectly! She loved it, and danced around the house.  


The makeup was the easiest part!  I used Studio Tech foundation by M.A.C. mixed with a luminizer.   Dior lip pencil in Tile, with #434 Dior Addict lip color.  Blush was Dior #849, and eyeshadows were from M.A.C.  Waterproof eyeliner by Dior in Trinidad black (best black eyeliner ever), liquid eyeliner by Bourgois in black. 

After Devon left in her limo, I got back in my rental car and headed to the airport to go home.  Finally could breathe.  All that, for a makeup application that took 30 minutes!! 

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