Backstage @ TIGI World Release Hair Show VEGAS!

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I spent last weekend backstage at the TIGI World Release Hair Show as a hair model!  They gave me one of the best haircuts that i’ve ever had,  and I learned a TON.  For two days, I looked on while world class stylists executed some of the most impressive hairstyles that i’ve ever seen.  The show was at the Convention center in the Mandalay Bay Hotel.  The entire TIGI creative force from around the globe was there, working crazy long hours to get every models hair colored, cut, and styled for the show.  Mine too!

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Sunday night was the big night on the runway, there were a few different themes.  One was Street/Grafitti inspired haircuts, color, and grafitti-like makeup. The makeup was very 80’s (I had nothing to do with it!).   TIGI just released a new hair color line with colors like pale lavender, fire engine red, bright yellow, deep copper, etc.   Models were bathed in glitter, topped with fantasy afro wigs, others were dark and gothic.  Looking through the wardrobe, there were amazing pieces from DiorVivienne Westwood, Miu Miu, and other designers. 



The coolest part of the runway show, was the last segment.  The models came out in gothic clothing, with huge whimsical afro style wigs that were tipped with white spray paint, and smoldering!  The hair pieces had dry ice machines installed in them to create billowing smoke.  Brilliant.  Why haven’t I ever thought doing of that! 



Isn’t that the coolest thing you’ve ever seen?


The show was super cool, there was a magician on stage who made Anthony Mascolo (co-founder of TIGI) disappear from a huge tank of water where he was appeared to be trapped and drowning.  The after party was also quite a scene! There was a dj from the UK on turntables, expensive bars serving huge drinks, and a crowd of insanely stylish people. 


Global TIGI stylists Michelle and Richie, and me!

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