Zac Posen + Neiman Marcus

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Zac Posen in Seattle, really?  In the flesh!!  I LOVE his clothing, and it was so exciting to meet him in person.  Neiman Marcus will be opening a new store in Bellevue this fall and brought the famed clothing designer to town last month to show his Collections to the who’s who of the NW retail world.   It was a beautiful presentation at Pravda Studios on Capitol Hill.   The head stylist was  from Dallas (his name was JP) and he was a genius!!  We did huge bouffant updo’s with studded leather head bands, it was the first time that I had ever used paper towels inside of a hairstyle.  Learn something new every day!


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  • Janie Pennington

    I would love to know more about the hair sylist, JP from
    Dallas and where to buy his head bands. He is amazing.


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