Transmission from France!

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Greetings from the most civilized place on earth!

I’m on a TGV train, travelling from Poitiers to Lyon, the 10 day shoot for dress designer Madina Vadache is finished and I finally have some time to write about our fabulous adventures! We started in Paris and finished at a 12th century chateau in St. Julien de l’Ars. 


The superstar team:

Photographers: Kim and Adam Bamburg

Model: Amanda Wall (Mode/Portland)

Hair/Makeup: Me!



We were sent with 3 huge boxes packed with Madina’s bridal, couture collections, and ready to wear, along with shoes, hats, etc.  It was a dream shoot.  We did 3-5 looks each day, and we still could have done more.   In addition to the set up for Madina, we shot an editorial for Junebug Weddings (Fashion Report, April 08), another bridal story for publication, then some fashion stuff.   At night, we couldn’t sleep so we shot even more! 


The jet lag was intense.  Luckily, we had two days in Paris before shooting!  Our apartments in Paris were located at opposite ends of the city;  Kim and Adam stayed in Montmartre, Amanda and I in Le Marais. We shot at the Hotel de Ville, Le Louvre, in the metro, in front of the Pompidou, all over Paris (gueriilla style of course to avoid the crowds). 

I brought a huge suitcase packed with hair extensions, wigs, hair tools, and a makeup kit (more fake hair for the shoot than clothing for myself!)  I wasn’t able to use any of my hot tools, or the air compressor because of the crazy voltage, so the hair extensions came in handy.  I brought a power inverter and adapter, but still didn’t work!  *&#%!!


We took full advantage of being in such an amazing place.  Every look was our new favorite, and inspired us to start again. It was a match made in heaven:  stunning model, super talented photographers, and incredible clothing.  Everywhere we went, we attracted a huge crowd of onlookers with their cameras snapping away. 


After we were done shooting in Paris, we squeezed into a rental van and headed for the Chateau (about 3hrs south).  We were greeted by Nash and Linda, the wonderful owners (from the Fremont neighborhood in Seattle!). Linda made Earl Grey tea for us, with good bread and chevre cheese, and grapes from their own vines.  Lovely!!  At night we ate dinners in front of a huge roaring fire with lots of candles on the table.  The picture perfect chateau sits on 60 acres, has a chapel next door, and caves undearneath.  If you are thinking of a destination wedding, the rooms there are gorgeous, and the history is mind-blowing.  Truly a magical place.




I’ll be in Lyon for a few days, then i’m headed back to Paris to catch my flight back to Seattle.  Home soon!  XO






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  • 20.11.2007

    Oh my goodness Erin, can we do it all again? How wonderful it was… you are truly amazing! GREAT work :).
    We hope you made it home safe and sound!

  • 28.02.2008

    The makeup you do is so gorgeous, I just had to tell you. I love it, love it!!!


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