Switches – Interscope Records

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       Another rad shoot with LA Photographer Autumn De Wilde and her crew! Interscope Records recording artists, Switches (from the UK) were in Seattle for 24hrs, on the last leg of their US tour.  Just enough time to do promo shots for thier anticipated debut U.S release Lay Down The Law. 
      Everything was shot in the Capitol Hill Boutique The Pretty Parlor, across the street at the Biltmore, and at the venue they played that evening, Nuemos.  The day was packed!  Stylist Anna Lange did an amazing job of dressing everyone, and the guys were adorable. LOVE the british accents. Final destination:  CD Release party @ The Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles. 
I want that scarf and yellow sunglasses!



switches7.jpg switches8.jpg



band members:  Matt (lead vocals & guitar), Thom (bass & backing vocals), Ollie (guitar & backing vocals), Steve (drums).


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