one of my favorite shoots ever

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I guard this cd of images with my life.  It was a collaboration by an amazing team in San Francisco:  Photographer:  Paul Trapani, Producer: Ernesto Qualizza, Model: Lana from Look (agency), Stylist:  Tina Angel of Razor Bee clothing, hair and makeup by my self

Paul Trapani

Tina the stylist could have starred in a comic book.   No steamer, no clamps, none of the usual stylist tools, just one of a kind treasures stuffed into a vintage leather suitcase.  Treasures.  I was completely enamored with the clothing she brought.  To die for.  She designed everything herself, and used all vintage fabrics and vintage sequins from france.  LOVE.


Lana worked it!  I’ve never seen a 16yr old that could pose herself so well, it was great to watch her work.  She had just come to San Francisco from Austria to her live with her mom Rose- who is one of the organizers of the Burningman festival in Blackrock city, NV. 

To create the flawless fresh look in the two photos above, I used Purelight foundation by Dior, a Colorwash cheek and lip stain by Nars, lip balm, and black khol to rim her eyes.  No powder!  On her body I used a gold shimmer lotion by Body Fantasies to create her glowing skin.


Ernesto has since moved to NYC and is producing for Marek and Associates, one of the premiere photo agencies in New York.  He produces for photographers Greg Kadel, Diego Fuga, and Maciek Kobielski.  I’ts a pretty cool gig. 

lana5.jpg            lana6.jpg

lana3.jpg            lana7.jpg

Paul resides in San Francisco with his wife, and aside from work in print advertising, he creates amazing fine art photography. He’s one of the most talented artists that I have ever worked with, and he rides a harley!  Hot!!

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  • Mondo

    That girl is hot. More incredible shots, Erin. The color, the lines. Paul is impressive. I’ve seen his stuff in Ready Made mag. I love the one with the graffiti.

  • 13.10.2007

    All the old stuff I wore as a child is coming back. Kinda scary and makes you feel old, but it looks great most of the time.

  • Mike

    Ernesto, did you work for Compuware at one time? I think we used to travel around together.

    I seem to remember a very drunk bar outing in Hong Kong. Or was it Singapore…Germany?

    Maybe I have you confused with someone else.


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