Hollywood Premiere of D.E.B.S.

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I wasn’t sure what to expect when I flew into LA that morning, but the call from Flaunt Magazine a few days before said that I would be doing makeup for a segment of Access Hollywood on Entertainment Tonight and for the premiere of a film called D.E.B.S. (Screen Gems/Samuel Goldwynn Films).  I packed a bag, and headed to Seatac airport. 


My first job in cosmetics was working behind a Lancome counter at the Bon Marche.  On the sales floor, I stared for hours at an ad campaign called ‘Super Nature’, waiting for my shift to end.  Devon Aoki was the model in that ad, and I was always inspired when I looked at it.   So to do Devon’s makeup a few years later, as a national Dior Show Artist, was exciting to say the least.

The day began on set at Fred Segal in Santa Monica with the leading ladies of D.E.B.S.  Before my lipsticks could melt, I did makeup on Jordana Brewster, Meagan Good, Jill Ritchie, and Sarah Foster.  Up and coming Hollywood starlets.  The girls were interviewed about the premiere taking place later that night at the Arclight Cinema.  Devon Aoki also starred in the film, but she never made it to the set of ET and I was completely heart broken.

Before the Access Hollywood filming had wrapped, I got a call and a few minutes later I was picked up by a town car sent by “Mimi”, Devon Aoki’s agent. I love LA sometimes (where’s the wet bar in this thing?) !!  It took forever to get from Santa Monica to Devon Aoki’s house in the Hollywood Hills.  I was so nervous to meet her and it was hard to just be cool about it.  I would need a steady hand for my fine point eyeliner!

When I arrived, Devon was sitting in the kitchen on her cell phone with the hair person working on her.  Her mom and two sisters were going about their business as usual.   Devon and I chatted about clothing design, her brother Steve Aoki (Dj) and the campaign she did for Donna Karan with her little sister.   I love Devon’s street style, and exsquisitly thin features.  Her look cuts so many ways: modern, classic, exotic, and furtive.



I used Dior’s #605 Beige Massai eye pallet and left it for her, along with some of my other Dior favorites (#131 addict lipgloss and #689 blush).  We decided to make her eyes the focal point, used lots of single lashes.  After we got the dress zipped up, I applied a shimmery lotion to her shoulders and a touch of powder.  Minutes later, she was out the door and into her limo.

I arrived at the Arclight in time to see Devon on the red carpet. There was a sea of photographers swarming around.  I saw Claire Danes in line getting popcorn.  Devon’s character in the film kicked ass.  After the viewing, there was a party thrown by Flaunt Magazine.  I danced the night away and then headed to the airport to catch my 6AM flight back to the real world.  

 (This is the movie poster, I did not do the makeup here).


click HERE to see an interview with Devon at at the Arclight!

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  • Laney

    Very cool. The Seattle – LA connection. Red Carpet! Devon looks so beautiful!! You two should do a clothing line. She’s made for Yoshimi Designs. Could you call that lady and tell her I need my limo? Can’t wait to read more.

  • 11.10.2007

    Really nice site you have here. I’ve been reading for a while but this post made me want to say 2 thumbs up. Keep up the great work


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