High School Musical’s Ashley Tisdale

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Walt Disney’s High School Musical superstar, Ashley Tisdale, recently celebrated the release of her debut CD Headstrong on Warner Brothers Records .   I worked with Ashley during her visit to Seattle for a benefit show sponsored by KISS 106FM.   I love doing performance makeup, I was in Heaven. 


Ashley was delightful to work with, truly a professional.  We did smoky dramatic eyes that smoldered with metallic shimmmering Gold Mode pigment from MAC.  Foundation and luminescent lotion by Armani, best blush in the world by AMP, and lips were ultra-shine #612 by Dior, on top of a nude lip stain.  I used big whispy false eyelashes, that gave her an exotic cat-eye look on stage. 



4 Responses To High School Musical’s Ashley Tisdale

  • 19.12.2007

    your so totally awsome! marlena said to add you. -samantha

  • 23.12.2007

    i love the cover so much and your songs Ashley Tisdale

  • Briana

    I know Ashley will probably never see this but i really think she is amazing. She is such a great role model and she isn’t totally trampy. She has one of the best voices I’ve ever heard and she is a great actress.

  • Vanessa

    i LOVE ashley!!! she is the BEST!!!don’t u guys?


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