Captain Sig from The Deadliest Catch

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       Gold chain, gold nugget watch, only Captain Sig Hansen can wear designer jeans and maintain a tough guy persona. I recently worked with the captain for his up and coming line of packaged Seafood.  He wasn’t thrilled about the film crew that set up in front of the Northwestern,  being the star in a super bad ass tv show on the Discovery Channel brings alot of glamourous attention to the boat yard.  He’s a real life bad ass, and has definitely earned his celebrity following.  Aside from the tv show, he’s created his own xbox game Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm, his own Deadliest Ale in collaboration with Rogue Ales, and he’s the captain of an award winning crab boat that dominates the Bering Sea.   Sig is a cool charachter. 


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  • Rachel

    I love Deadliest catch. I watch it every season with my Dad at night we get into it a lot. We have fun watching it. My Dad is a Cammercial Fisherman, his boat name is Insationable i think thats how you spell it i don’t know. But my Dad’s name is Craig Backlund i’m his Daughter Rachel, we do everything together. We hunt, fish and play together. So yea i love the show.


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